A-Reece Shares “Paradise II” Album Snippet (EXP 3) , Featuring MashBeatz & Dave Fieri

It’s no longer news that the Boy Doing Things A-Reece is working on a new album titled “Paradise 2.”what’s new is that the champ has just released a snippet of a song from the project.

Tentatively titled “Exp 3,” the snippet, which plays for exactly 1 minute and 24 seconds, popped on A-Reece’s page yesterday 16 September 2020. It features Dave Fieri and of The Wrecking Crew. You can check it out below.

and A-Reece are no strangers to collaoration, having worked on several projects previously, including the “Reece Effect Soundtrack” album. And yes, they’re pretty good together. So own expect them to limn another winner.

“Paradise 2” is one of the most anticipated albums in South Africa right now. The album will be a follow-up to the “Paradise” album of 2016, released under controversial record label Ambitiouz Entertainment. A-Reece is now an indie artiste, having left the label years ago.

A-Reece has not given the release date for the project. But we are watching events keenly and will certainly shall the body of work with you on release.

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