A-Reece Talks About The Two Rappers He Knows In Africa

A-Reece Thanks Fans For Buying His Merch

SA Hip Hop star A-Reece has opened up about the two rappers he knows in Africa.

A-Reece is one of the biggest rappers in South Africa. While he may not have dominated the continent like many others, he has garnered a loyal following in Mzansi and several other countries.

Reece took to his X account and opened up about the only two rappers he knows on the continent. He wrote, “Only two rappers I know in Africa… me and nobody in particular.” A-Reece is no stranger to proclaiming himself the best rapper in Africa.

He had previously tweeted, “I’M THE BEST RAPPER IN AFRICA.” Also, this year, Lucasraps named himself the best, saying, “Man f*ck what’s out now, it’s just hot now ‘cause I ain’t dropped yet – N*gg!/ Toe to toe, let’s go get it gorilla, I’m the only little n*gg dropping n*ggs with my lyrics, ain’t nobody doing it realer.”