A-Reece Teases ‘Paradise 2’ With New Visualizer

A-Reece uses new visualizer to tease the upcoming "Paradise 2" album

A-Reece teases his upcoming “Paradise 2” album with a brand new Visualizer.

Is it just us or does A-Reece always come through when you least expect him to? The SA Hip Hop star is out to prove to Mzansi that he hasn’t been asleep as rumours claim. In fact, he is wide awake.

The Mzansi star teased his highly anticipated “Paradise 2” album by sharing a new Matrix inspired Visualizer. The Visualizer was directed by Sxmzx and 1boyWanda. In the video, Reece is woken by a stream of cryptic messages on his computer. This, of course, is an obvious reply to the rumour that has been sleeping on the scene.

The date “10 August 2020” is also spotted in the Visualizer. It has many wondering what could be happening on that day. Some have identified it to be Mashbeatz’ birthday while some have speculated that it could be the day the album drops. Well, check it out for yourself and see if you get it.

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