A-Reece’s Girlfriend Rickelle Jones Breaks Down The Meaning Behind The Designs On His Merch

If you are curious about the making of A-Reece merch and the designs on them, you are certainly not alone. For the curious, the rapper’s girlfriend has given a little insight,

According to her, the designs were never random. They were properly visualised to pass a message across to the fans. For instance, she noted that on the back of the merch was the viewing of the underdog. It was in A-Reece’s handwriting, according to him. The reason for this was that fans are in touch with his music and he wants them to feel that he was also involved in the design – which indeed he was.

She also noted how she discouraged her man from having a face tattoo. Instead, she suggested that the tattoo should be used on the m,erch – something he readily assented to. You can check out her detailed video explanation at the end of this post.

A-Reece and Rivkelle have come a long way, from his time with The Wrecking Crew up to the present. theirs is among the few celenrity relationships that have not been plagued by public drama and infidelity scandals. He once even joked that people can only see his girlfriend and observe her beauty, but can’t touch her

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