A Storm Of Prayers & Goodwill As Prankster Leon Schuster Shouts Out Springboks From Hospital Bed

Leon Schuster provoked a smile from many across South Africa after sending a message of support to the South African rugby team, Spingboks, from his hospital bed.

The 74-year-old provoked prayers for his recovery by that singular act of devotion and loyalty to the national team. The funnybone, who is often called the king of South African pranks, was admitted to the hospital. But he wouldn’t let his hospital bed keep him from sharing his feelings and wishing his home team the best.

On Friday, ahead of Springbok’s friendly match against New Zealand, the prankster had shouted out the team. The clip not only showed his support for the team but also showed the world that he was on admission at the hospital, which led to a storm of well-wishers from across South Africa.

It is unclear what exactly ails the prankster. But then, if wishes could spring the sick out of their hospital beds, the storm of good wishes currently pouring from South Africa and even beyond can easily get the ageing prankster out of his bed.

Hopefully, he makes it out soon and get to see the national team as they face their rivals from around the world.

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