A Video Peek Into Bonang Matheba’s 36th Birthday Party

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Bonang Margeba’s birthday might be over, but the memories of that occasion are still pretty fresh, especially as the songstress has just shared more pictures and videos of that event.

In a post on her official Instagram page, the House of BNG boss had given fans a peek into her birthday party. From the clip she shared, it could be seen that her celebrity friends were on the ground to celebrate with her and share in her happy moment.

It could also be seen that Bonang herself was quite excited to be celebrating her birthday. The footage she shared had many of her fans swooning, with some commenting about the beauty of the decorations and the great fashion sense of the celebrant and those in attendance.

At a time when life is as uncertain as ever. making it to 36 indeed calls for celebration and merriness – as Bonang had done.

At 36, she has accomplished a lot as an entrepreneur and media personality. Now, even younger people look up to her for inspiration. Ans she is happy to continue to inspire them with her business acumen.

Indeed, congratulations are in order for Bonang Matheba, media personality, socialite, and founder of House of BNG.