AB de Villiers releases song with the Ndlovu Youth Choir & Karen Zoid

surprisingly releases a song with the Ndlovu Youth Choir and which he titles “The Flame”.

Imagine being great at literally everything. A lot of people are very much talented and choose to use their talent to touch lives. Since we’ve known him, has been the Cricket star everybody knows and loves. Now, it seems we are going to get seeing new sides to him.

He’s dipping his foot into music industry waters and we are certain that he can swim. The sports star just dropped a new song with the Ndlovu Youth Choir, and popular singer & songwriter, Karen Zoid.

Trust us, your mind will be blown listening to the song. It celebrates the human spirit and is also about unity during a difficult year. People are already loving it because the video for the song (shot in Cape Town, Limpopo & Dubai) has already amassed over 450k views and 18k likes.

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