Abortion, Not Miscarriage: Chrissy Teigen Clarifies 2020 Incident

Two years ago, in 2020, Chrissy Teigen shocked the world when she informed the world in an Instagram post that she had a Miscarriage and lost her son. It was an emotional moment for her, writing about what happened. Now she’s shared more details about the moment.

Just recently, she clarified that it wasn’t a Miscarriage per se but an abortion to save her life. The baby, she said, had no chance of survival, and her own life was at risk. So the decision was made to save her life.

In a tweet, she shared a Hollywood Reporter story about her abortion, noting that she had said in 2020 that she had a miscarriage because she thought that was what it was. It took her over a year to realise what had actually gone down in her life back then. It was heartbreaking, yet she expressed gratitude for life. You can check out her post below.

In the intervening months since the abortion, she had had incredible transformations, including temporarily losing the sympathy the public had for her after her bullying past surfaced online. She had tearily apologised back then.

Incidentally, she’s pregnant with another child. Hopefully, things will go down well this time.

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