Accounts Of Failed Burna Boy Concert Organiser Have Been Accounts Frozen

Accounts of concert organizer known for the failed Burna Boy concert, Gregory Wings, have been frozen after his business partner ran off with R10 million.

Wings, known for the failed Burna Boy concert, has opened a case against his business partner, Sedote Nwachukwu, who has reportedly fled the country. The two had been involved with the Burna Boy concert, which was canceled because Nwachukwu allegedly absconded with meant for promoting the show.

According to a source for Sunday World,

“Gregory gave Sedote the necessary money, and the agreement was that they would split the percentage, and he would only be a shareholder in the concert as the funder. Thirty days before the concert, Gregory found out that Sedote had been stealing money from the ticket sales by Ticketpro. He had also not played suppliers, and everything was not going according to plan,” said the source.

“With Gregory being in the paperwork, which turned out to be fraudulent, he took the fall for everything that Sedote had done. He was then arrested for fraud in October and detained at Sun City (Johannesburg Prison) for seven days.”

The publication also reports that Wings’ accounts were frozen by FNB. The source told the publication that Wings being in the “fraudulent” paperwork put together by Nwachukwu made him take the fall for everything. He was arrested for fraud in October and has been released on bail.

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