Acting: Did Connie Become Famous Via Pretty Privilege? Follow The Debate Here

There is never a shortage of opinions about people, rich or poor, famous or not. On that count, of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that people have a lot to say about how Connie Ferguson became a famous actress.

Commie has come a long way in South Africa’s acting universe and is justly recognised as one of the leading names in the industry at the moment, with a film house named for her family.

Well, while Connie would say out loud that she earned her spot in the industry from her skills and work ethic, some X users are of the view that it was via “pretty privilege” – you know, your lavish good looks opening doors for you along the way.

Across multiple industries, indeed pretty privilege exists. But Cobiie would not want to be counted as having made it in the film industry via that route. The argument is heating up online, as you can see from the post below.

Interestingly, the criticism has also veered into other facets of her life, with some tweeps claiming that Connie’s children are obese while the actress herself is a fitness freak with a sterling dedication to the gym and a correspondingly excellent figure. Can you beat that?

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