Actor Danny Masterson Found Guilty On Two Counts Of Rape

The future appears bleak for actor Danny Masterson. He has just been found guilty on two counts of rape out of the initial three counts preferred against him.

Danny got to know about his face in a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday and was left out thereafter in handcuffs after the jury had given its verdict. His wife was in the courtroom and appeared deeply troubled when the verdict was read.

Bijou Phillips was probably looking for a reprieve of sorts for her husband. But it never came, and she wept seeing him being taken into custody. Family members and friends were on the ground for the trial as well but did not register similar reactions.

A sentencing date has not been given yet, so the actor would be held without bail until then.

A 12-member jury had sat over the case and deliberated for seven days before reaching its verdict. Out of the i2 members, eight voted for conviction and four didn’t.

The rape cases are all tied to the Church of Scientology and happened while Danny was a part of that collective. It is alleged that he used his prominent position in the church to avoid any consequences for his action.

His lawyers are expected to appeal the jury’s verdict.

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