Actor Jamie Foxx Sued Over Alleged Sexual Abuse

American celebs had seemingly stepped into a season of sexual assault allegations, with notable names being hit with sexual assault allegations – names that some people would never have believed would be associated with such.

One of such names is Jamie Foxx. The celebrated actor is alleged to have groped a lady at a rooftop bar as far back as 2015  – eight years ago. The name of his accuser is not given in the suit filed in New York. She was simply identified as Jane Doe.

She alleged that the groping happened after she and her friend approached Jamie and had pictures with him in a seduced corner of the Catch NYC rooftop lounge. Jane Doe claimed that Foxx put his hand under her clothing against her will, and he only stopped when her friend approached. She left with her friend thereafter.

The lawsuit against Foxx comes amid several other lawsuits against other celebrities over alleged sexual assault and abuse. For Instance, Diddy was recently sued by a former lover, Casie. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr was himself accused of sexual assault by two women, who sued him in a court in New York.

But the case against Foxx is of particular shock to most people, who never believed he would abuse a woman.

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