Actor Kevin Spacey “Grateful” After Being Cleared Of Sex Assault Charges

Actor Kevin Spacey “Grateful” After Being Cleared Of Sex Assault Charges

Sexual assault is a weighty issue, intensely damaging, and many people would rather not be charged with one. But life happens and people find themselves accused of sexual assault. In some instances, they are indeed guilty, and in others, they are not.

Kevin Spacey is one man who had a nine-count sexual assault charge on his head a while back. But the jury that reviewed the case found him not guilty.

Spacey, 64, looked appeared inscrutable standing in the box in the middle of the courtroom. However, when the “not guilty” verdict was given, he became emotional, consumed with relief, and cried.

It was a long walk to “freedom” – or a semblance of it – after he was accused of sexual assault, an allegation he denied and which the jury has thrown away with their recent verdict.

He walked out of the courtroom, shook hands with some of the jurors outside, and spoke briefly to the press. According to him, there is much for him to process after the verdict. He thanked the jury and noted that he is grateful to them for having taken the time to examine all the evidence.

One of the complainants who has lodged a sexual assault case against the celebrated actor noted that he groped her.