Actor Mondli Makhoba Gets Candid, Talks Failed Marriage To Australian Woman

Many people get married or into a relationship expecting to have the best time with their partner. But it does not always turn the way they want. Things go south and they go their separate ways. That is the reality of one of South Africa’s notable actors, Mondli Makhoba.

The celebrated actor was previously married to an Australian but the relationship failed. He is alive to tell the tale, though, and share the lessons with those who would listen.

According to the actor, their marriage failed due to cultural differences. There were also other issues,  but cultural differences were the key factors of their separation.

The actor made this revelation and more during an appearance on Dr Fundile Nyati’s “The Celebration of Women by Men.” He got candid during the sit-down and admitted he got married in his 20s but the marriage did not have the life span he envisaged.

Of course, he has learned a lot from the failed marriage and the lessons learned would influence his next relationship.

Mondli Makhoba is easily one of the notable figures in South Africa’s film industry. His sex scene with Khanyi Mbau on the set of “The Wife” remains a subject of conversation long after it was filmed.

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