Actor Mothusi Magano Snags International Award Nomination

South African actor Mothusi Magano has just recorded a new career milestone with an international award nomination. He has been nominated for the Best African Actor at the Septimius Awards alongside other actors.

The news of his nomination was a source of great pleasure not just to the actor but to his fans as well, most of whom have taken to social media to celebrate the career milestone. After all, to them, it is one thing to be nominated for an award back home and a different ball game to have captured the attention of an international award body and been nominated.

Of course, being nominated is never the same thing as winning an award. Still, it means a lot to have been nominated. And even when one fails to win an award one has been nominated for, the nomination alone carries some prestige.

Well, South Africans are already rooting for one of their own, championing for him to bring the award home later next month.

The Septimius Awards will be held on September 25 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It will be interesting to see who among the actors nominated in the Best African Actor category will walk home with the award.

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