Actor Patrick Seleka Confesses To Being Physically & Mentally Abusive To His Wife

it is not all the time that some not only absues their partner but readily admit the same as well. South African actor Patrick Seleka might be counted as the latest to readily admit to gende-based violence.

IN a since-deleted Intagram video, he admitted to his wife failing mental state and vlamed himself for it all. By his own confession, he was not there for his wife. He was physical;y and mentally abusive to her, which probably led to her depression. and that also explains why the depression has persisteed.

Perhaps he realised the weight of his admission and how it makes him look inhumane in the eyes of the public, so he decide to take down the post, But then, the clip had already been downloaded by other social media users, who shared it on other platforms, including X (formerly Twitter).

The admission cama as a big shock to many South Africans, some of whom pointed out that he had convicted himself with his post. Some made it known that a case should be instituted against him so he gets to pay for his actions.

Gender-based violence is prevalent in South Africa, but only a few people are bold enough to report after being abused.

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