Actor Pierce Brosnan Ticketed For Going Off Trail At Yellowstone Park

A ticket from the authorities is something most people would rather avoid. But as evident from records, it isn’t all the time that people are able to avoid that. They get tickets for wrong parking, overspeeding – or, in the case of actor Pierce Brosnan, for going off-trail at the Yellowstone Park walk.

The Yellowstone Park walk is a thermal area, and foot travel is only allowed on specific boardwalks. Those visiting the area are explicitly informed from the outset about the risks involved and the need to keep to instructions from the authorities.

At the time of writing, neither the much-loved actor nor his representative had commented about him having received a ticket.

There are designed boardwalks in the area to keep visitors safe. Not following instructions from the park authorities and following designated boardwalks expose visitors to the risk of a slip and a splash into the scalding waters below.

The park itself has not been without incident. Back in 2022, a human foot was found in one of the hot springs. However, the story didn’t reverberate as much as the 70-year-old Pierce being ticketed for going off-trail.

Anyway, as one fan pointed out, the good news is that there was no accident following his going off-trail.

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