Actor Robert Blake Dead At 89

It is the end of an era for actor Robert Blake, who passed away recently at the age of 89 after a longish run in America’s entertainment universe.

In a recent statement from his family, it was revealed that he died of heart disease at his Los Angeles home, surrounded by his family.

The Emmy award-winning had starred in several roles and earned several accolades in his career, which took a serious nosedive in 2001 following the violent death of his wife. Bonny Lee Bakley was shot dead just outside the Studio City restaurant. She had a child for the actor before then.

From being an adored actor and considered one of the finest of his generation, Robert Blake’s image lost its lustre before the public as he became a murder defendant. Although he was eventually acquitted over the murder of Bonny Lee, his career never fully recovered from the tragedy of her death.

Bonny Lee Bakley’s death followed him like a ghost everywhere, and although he made a couple of attempts to redeem his image and launch back into the acting orbit, his career never fully recovered. And now the world listens to the letters of his threnody at the ripe age of 89.

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