Actor Thabiso Mokhethi Ditches Sangoma Calling For Christ

At a time when people are giving up their occupations to “answer” their sangoma calling, actor Thabiso Mokhethi appears to be on an entirely different course. He is ditching his sangoma duties to embrace Christ and the Bible.

His exit is especially symbolic because the sangoma title appears to be the new rave. Everyone with one challenge or the other now thinks their ancestors are giving them admonitory whacks on the head and calling them into the sangoma universe.

Such has been the interest and departure into sangoma-hood, especially among celebs, that one celeb had to call out the reality on the ground and bid people take care of their mental health; that with proper care, people might realise that they were not called into anything after all.

Well, Thambiso is walking a new path and he has shared about the same in a series of videos on his official Instagram page. He is now a new creation in Christ, with old things all passed away, and he is here to project the Christ-like image. You can check out his post below.

Some of his fans have congratulated him for his new life in Christ. Some would not be bothered by his switch.

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