Actor Tswyza Warns Artists Against The Risks Of Taking Shortcuts In Life

The actor and musician, Tswyza, whose real name is Kope Makgae, has counseled artists to pray and seek God’s guidance because December is a time when the devil is angling for their blood.

According to the Johannesburg entertainer, this is the time when a lot of people meet their waterloo because they want to get rich quick even if they are fully aware that the devil is after them for the most part.

He added that many individuals fail to follow their intuition and end up in unfortunate situations, especially when entertainers feel that the event isn’t something they would like to attend because their soul is telling them not to go.

The versatile entertainer claimed that excessive excitement, overindulgence, and careless spirits when it comes to indulging in alcohol have always been linked to the festive season.

The “Generations: The Legacy” actor also told the media that he felt compelled by God to tell his colleagues and acquaintances in the business about a crucial message.

He advised aspiring performers to embrace the difficulties and setbacks as a means of fortifying themselves rather than rejecting them. Although it may sound cliche, discipline is maintained during the process.

Additionally, he claimed that because people seek shortcuts, the devil is devouring entertainers alive. He went on, saying they have to learn to be patient.

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