Actress Angela Atlang Shares Pictures of Her Daughter, Long After Secret Birth

For some people, when they give birth, the first move is to erupt with joy on social media and share pictures of themselves with their newborn. However, some are somewhat circumspect. keeping their pregnancy a secret and only revealing their babies lon gather birth.

South African actress Angela Atlang falls into the second category. Just much she inditectely revealed herself ehren she unveiled her daughter on social media recently.

Those who saw the images were also informed that she gave birth over a year ago but only made it seem like she had just given birth. Some people found this amusing and some were clueless how to process it.

For the “Muvhango” star, though, the important thing is that she did what she wanted to and only introduced the world to her baby when she was comfortable doing so.

She isn’t the only South African who has walked this path, however. A couple of others have done the same, hiding their kids from the public or generally limiting what the public knows about them.

By the way, she already has an Instagram page for her baby Ari. Ho2wever, at the time of writing, no posts have been made to the account yet.

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