Actress Lungile Duma On Her Role As Zithulele In “Adulting”

Performers will always have a thing or two to say about their roles in one flick or the other. Also, how they relate to each role varies greatly. At least, some of them are ready to share their thoughts on this.

South Africa’s Lungile Duma is one such actress. She is part of “Adulting,” a series which recently got into season 2. On the set of that soaraway flick, she had played the character Zithulele.

Looking back, according to her, it was a challenge in the beginning as she had to change environment and she was unsure if she would get the role or not. She had to move from KwaZulu-Natal to Johannesburg. It was very overwhelming.

But then, looking back, she couldn’t be happier for the decision she made to be a part of “Adulting” and being selected in the end.

She has made a success in that role, but she is reasonable enough not to let things get into her head. She’s got her big break and she is out to ensure that she makes the best of it and does not fall by the wayside. Seems like the way to go for an actress focused on her craft.

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