Actress & Singer Jane Birkin Dead At 76

Actress & Singer Jane Birkin Dead At 76

If some people could help it, they would love to live forever. But life is not that way. Where there is life, there will one day be death, sadly. For actress Jane Birkin, death came knocking recently. The singer and actress passed away at the age of 76.

The French Ministry of Culture confirmed her death in a tweet in which it shared an early picture of the singer and actress (taken when she was still pretty young). It noted her collaboration with other notable names in the industry while also acknowledging the timelessness of her contributions.

Addressing the late singer’s death via his official Twitter channel the French minister of culture Rima Abdul Malak noted that “The most French of Britons is gone.” She also harped on the goofy side of the late actress and singer.

Although born in London, United Kingdom, the actress adopted France as her home country. And in the intervening years, many would come to know her as French. Until her death, she had popped in a couple of films and songs but was especially known for her partnership with French singer Serge Gainsbourg.

She will be sorely missed for her contributions to the film and music industry back home,