Actress Thembi Nyandeni Advises Upcoming Stars On How To Make It In The Industry

For some people, after accomplishing a lot in their industry of choice, the next big move is to give back one way or the other. Some do this through mentoring younger and little know talents; some, like Thembi Nyandeni, would want to teach others about the don and don’ts of the industry.

Of course, such knowledge is vitally important, as lack of it can bury a potential talent’s career even before they start or make major headway in the film industry.

To ensure this doesn’t happen and that younger talents are on the right pedestal for growth, the celebrated actress who has distinguished herself in several flicks including “Isibaya,” is out to help those who would want some help.

She has been in the industry long enough to know about it. She acknowledged the industry is growing and some people who have not been in the industry think they know it all. But do they? It is not even about money, she said.

According to her, those who want to go far in the film industry have to put in the work and be courteous to everyone, from their fellow actors to producers and directors, down to the people sweeping the floors.

Are they listening?

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