Actress Tunisha Sharma Dies By Suicide, Ex-Lover Arrested

Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. #selfieafteralongtime. Those were the words of actress Tunisha Sharma just days before her death by suicide.

She reportedly died on the set of her own show, leading to the arrest of her co-actor, Sheezan Mohammed Khan, with whom she was reportedly in a relationship and broke up with a little over two weeks before her death.

According to multiple reports, Tunisha, 20, had gone to the washroom of the set and was there for a long time, leading to worry and curiosity among those who were on the set with her. The door of the washroom was broken down and she was found hanging within.

She was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Sheezan Mohammed Khan was arrested following her passing and stands accused of abetting her suicide.

Giving some insight into her passing, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Chandrakant Jadhav noted that The late actress and Khan had a love affair and they broke up 15 days ago, and she took her own life on the set of her show.

A look through Tumish’s Instagram showed that she was active on the platform even on the day of her passing. her last tweet indicated the power of passion.

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