Actress Zenande Mfenyana Mourns The Death Of Her Son

It is the wish of every good mother that their children bury them and not the other way round. But life does not always go the way people wish or want them. Such is the sad reality of actress Zenande Mfenyana, who recently lost her child.

The actress recently announced she lost her son. She had taken to Twitter, where she shared the tragic news. She deleted the tweet soon after though, which might imply that she doesn’t want to remember the tragedy but move on with her life and find healing.

However, her announcemeant of her son’s death had many netizens thinking that probably explains her long silence on social media. She had apparently been going through a lot and just popped into social media to announce the tragedy that slapped her household.

South Africans have been generous with messages of goodwill and healing, though. Her fans are all over the place, wishing her strength in her tragedy and expressing the hope she overcomes her grief. Some even prayed for her while also asking her to look forward to brighter days.

Hopefully, those brighter days come and she gets over her loss. It is not beyond life to do that.

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