Adam & Eve: MacG’s Podcast Explores Nudism, Body Confidence

Podcast and Chill had yet another controversial episode on Monday, dubbed Adam and Eve because the guests were buck naked to pass the message of loving one’s body.

It was the first of its kind on the platform. Unsurprisingly, it also elicited mixed reactions from viewers, with some warning him that his Twitter account might be suspended for sharing explicit content on the platform.

Sol Phenduka shared a picture of himself, MacG and their two naked guests on his Twitter channel. However, the Photoshop expert Rumani edited the photo, switching heads. Now MacG became the naked woman, and Sol became the naked man.

The editing provoked uproarious laughter on the microblogging platform. You can check it out below.

Adam &Amp; Eve: Macg'S Podcast Explores Nudism, Body Confidence 2

MacG and Sol Phenduka have come a long way with their Podcast and Chill. Critics have made several attempts to cancel the show, but it somehow manages to beat the opposition and continue.

The last episode generated mixed reactions on social media, with some tweeters endorsing it and others noting it was offensive because of the nudes.

Either way, MacG is happy with what he’s doing, and he’s got his mug of attention for Monday. It remains to be seen where the podcast goes from here.

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