Adele’s Saturday Night Live Skit Provokes Condemnation Globally

Adele has been criticized following her outing on Saturday Night Live (SNL). In an SNL skit about African men, dubbed “Tourism Board Of Africa,” Adele played the role of a divorcee alongside Kate McKinnon and Heidi Gardner.

In the skit, the 32-year-old “Someone Like You” singer loudly lusted after African men, speaking of “lush dangling foliage,” a reference to the men’s member.

Adele has been severely criticized for her role. The skit itself, as well as the show SNL, has been severely criticized as well. On social media, some critics described the skit as ill-timed, coming at a time when protesters in Nigeria were campaigning for the end of police brutality in the country, and men in other parts of the continent were equally involved in advocacies to advance the continent.Adele'S Saturday Night Live Skit Provokes Condemnation Globally 2

The skit was meant to mock sex tourism in Africa. Ultimately, though, it ended up riling many in Africa and beyond, leding to accusation of stereotying and “fetishization.”

By the way, Adele is reportedly working on a new album. Details on the project are still sketchy. We are watching evenets, though, and might bring you more details on that soon. you might want to stay tuned for updates. Yes?

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