Adidas x IVY PARK: New Collection Out Worldwide February 10 (See Pictures)

Collaboration is a way of life and one of the beauties of the creative universe. For one, it usually brings together different forces that merge to create something beautiful and attractive. This reality plays out again and again.

A new example has just manifested with Icon Beyoncé’s IVY PARK liking up with sportswear giant for a new collection. This collaborative collection, which is also dubbed Adidas x IVY PARK, is inspired by the out-of-doors and a little of nature.

While the collection has not been officially released, there are model samples shared on IVY PARK’s verified page. There appears to be something for everyone – from kids to adults.

Also, from the reactions to the images shared, it is clear fans are in love with what they saw. Whether they will be in love with the released clothing is a different ball game.

According to IVY PARK, beginning February 10, the PARK TRAIL collection will be available for purchase in stores, the Adidas website and select partner stores around the world.

So, if you’re into the brand or just happen to be a core fan of Beyoncé, you may want to get your coins ready for February 10. See clothing samples below.

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