Aewon Wolf Details Experience Trying To Access Artists’ Relief Funds

When the coronavirus pandemic grabbed many industries around the world by the veins, governments decided to intervene, bailing out industries and practitioners they way they see fit.

The South African Government had also thought out a plan to bail artistes by setting up a relief fund for artistes. It appears only a few artistes have paid attention to the funds. Among them is Aewon Wolf.

The songster recently detailed in a Twitter thread his experience with the fund when he made enquiries about it. The experience only provoked more questions from him.

According to Aewon Wolf, hem put a call through to the National Art Council, which is said to be distributing the relief funds for artistes. He was referred to the council by the Department of Sports Arts and Culture which said it is waiting for the minister of Sports Nathi Mthethwa to give the go ahead to release the funds.

The process of accessing the funds appears complicated to him and therefore pretty annoying. You may want to check out his thread below.

The minister is yet to respond to Aewon Wolf take on accessing the funds. What do you think?

You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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