Aewon Wolf: Saved From The Fire

Arnold Phillips, the South African musician who goes by the stage name of Aewon Wolf, almost lost his house to a fire.

He narrated the incident in a recent Twitter thread, stating how grateful he was not to have lost his place of habitation.

He said he didn’t love to be a bringer of bad news, but he had to narrate the incident, anyway, to at least aid others in case of a similar incident. He said when the fire broke out, he opted to call the fire service immediately.

According to him, the fire spread so fast that if there had been a delay by the fire service, he would have lost his home. But the fire service came just on time and the fire was put out, saving his home.

To prepare just about anyone for a fire incident, he reeled out what to do, in a couple of steps. The first step, according to him, is to Google the phone number of the nearest fire service and save on your phone.

He urged fans to keep a fire extinguisher or a reliable hose pipe in case of small fires ad extinguish them as soon as they erupt. You can check out his complete tweet below.

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