AFCON: Massive Celebration As Bafana Bafana Beats Namibia 4-0

South Africa’s football team isn’t known to be the very best of the sports teams in the country.  That honour would most likely go to the country’s rugby team. But that’s by the way.

The news is that the rugby team did pretty well against their Namibian counterparts and the Rainbow Nation couldn’t keep calm. South Africa was greeted with explosions of celebrations,

The celebration didn’t end on the pitch, as South Africans poured into the streets to celebrate as well. Social media wasn’t left out. Many South Africans poured into social networks to share their delight in their country’s triumph as well.

For a country with a football team that struggles in most tournaments, the in against Namibia is in many ways uplifting. But then, that’s not even final. The bigger goal is to lift the AFCON Cup.

If the team is able to do that, it would be a historic moment and perhaps presage more success in the future. For now, South Africans are happy to content themselves with the news of their team’s current win against their neighbour. See the posts below.

Well, it will be interesting to see how South Africa goes after this win. Keep your eyes peeled

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