Afriforum Jeug Has Admitted To PR Stunt at Tuks

Afriforum Jeug has admitted to the PR stunt at Tuks.

The University of Pretoria (Tuks) has slammed a public relations stunt done at the entrances of the Hatfield Campus. It featured the placement of “no whites allowed” stickers on Monday morning.

The University condemned the protest action and threatened disciplinary action against the people responsible. The management stated their commitment to uphold principles of non-discrimination and diversity.

Hours after the statement was made, the youth wing of the Civil Rights Organization Afriforum took to X to admit responsibility. They said they were forced to take drastic measures to highlight “racial exclusion” and “double standards” of the University.

They called on the University to deregister the EFF Student Command for participating in the SRC elections when a protest broke out on campus. The EFF members allegedly intimidated white and coloured students and chanted that only black students were allowed. They only got suspended.

AfriForum Campaign Officer Louis Boshoff said they had written letters to Tuks management but were ignored.

Boshoff said, “University management reacted quickly, condemning the protest action and threatening disciplinary action against individuals responsible for putting up the stickers.”

“It is shocking that the university reacts so quickly and heated to a protest against racial exclusion on their campus, while those who are guilty of actual racial exclusion bear no consequences for their actions,”

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