Afro Brotherz Announces “Amasiko” EP

Afro Brotherz announce the coming release of their new project, the “Amasiko EP”.

One of the most exciting acts on the Afro House scene this year has got to be the Afro Brotherz. The popular duo has put in a lot of work to be where they are at the moment.

Currently one of the most valuable contributors to the Afro House genre, they have been very consistent on the scene this year. They have delivered several tunes including the “Music Is Culture” project which birthed songs like “Umoya”, “Own The Night” and more. Now, they’re set to flood the airwaves with a brand new project.

The upcoming project “Amasiko EP” was announced via their Instagram page. A date for the release has not been set but they revealed that it will be happening soon. Whatever the case may be, we are certain that it is dropping before the end of the year.

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