After 17 Years Together, Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet Split

After almost two decades together, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announced the end of their 17-year relationship, which was the envy of many at some point.

Jason announced the split in a joint statement posted on his verified page. Lisa is not on social media and therefore didn’t post the same.

In the statement, the couple hinted about the massive changes going on around, invariably preparing the reader for the “change” in their family that followed.

They noted that they’re not sharing the news of their split because it’s newsworthy but to get things straight at once to, separated, they can continue their lives in dignity.

They might be separated now, but that in no way means they no longer love each other. Their love will carry on, they insist, in the way it pleases. And to their children, collectively, they have an unwavering devotion.

The statement ended with what might pass for a prayer or a burning wish: May love prevail.

So far, the reactions to the statement indicate that fans share the last words of the couple in the statement… May love prevail.

Er, for the ladies who have designs on Jason Momoa, the time to shoot your shot is now.

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