After 18-Year Drought, Kylie Minogue Clinches Second Grammy

For some people, a Grammy win comes easy, and for others, it is a war of sorts before they win something. Either way, a win is celebrated for the triumph that it is. Singer and actress Kylie falls into the second category.

At the 66th Grammy Wards which was held at the Crypto Arena, the 55-year =-old singer was honoured with the inaugural Grammy for best pop dance recording for “Padam Padam,” a famous song from her “Tension” album.

Of course, it wasn’t her first Grammy win, but it was her first in almost two decades. The “Especially for You” crooner had won a Grammy previously. But it took her almost two decades to win another. She beat David Guette, Troye Sivan, and Calvin Harris not clinch her current win.

Of course, it was a moment of great celebration to snag another Grammy win after all this while. Her joy is not hers alone, though, as her fans have been celebrating her Grammy triumph as well. Social media has been abuzz as fans shower her with messages of goodwill and the hope that more wins lie ahead of her.

Well, that seems like the way to go. Congratulations are in order for Kylie Minogue.

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