After Ambitiouz Entertainment Exit, Will Emtee Collaborate With An Artiste From The Record Label?

His exit was one of the most acrimonious in Ambitiouz Entertainment history. It was so bad that he adopted the hashtag #FreeEmtee on Twitter to accelerate his divorce from the label. When his contract was finally terminated, Emtee found himself on a plane of relief, although it was said he lost a couple of perks from his contract, including his house.

It appears Emtee is in a better place now – at least better than the world of his contract with Ambitiouz Entertainment, which he described as stifling his gift – literally limiting his growth as an artiste.

But would Emtee collaborate with another Ambitious Entertainment artiste after his exit? Fans have been curious about this, now Emtee has an answer for them.

According to Emtee, who made the cut in Nadia Nakai’s “40 Bars” music video which appeared on YouTube yesterday and vanished mysteriously almost immediately, he is gone for good and has nothing to do with the record label.

Nadia Nakai had claimed her YouTube account was hacked and the video taken down. Emtee, who had earlier claimed his Instagram account was hacked, shared the post with a laconic “coincidentally,” implying his former record label might be behind Nadia Nakai’s misfortune as well.

Anyway, the video is back up and you can watch it here.

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