After Another Rape Incident, Bolt Is Being Called Out For Fear Of Safety

Bolt was an innovation that eased the transport difficulties for most while also employing people who would otherwise not use their vehicles for public transport.

While the service has been a great success, it has been facing massive criticisms recently, with some users deploring the lack of adequate security for users of the service, as well s the jarring behavior of some Bolt drivers.

A day ago, a bolt driver in South Africa was said to have raped a young woman and also strangled her to death in his bid to keep her quiet while he ravished her.

The Bolt driver in question is said to be on Emmanuel, with a Nissan Almera vehicle. Registration number: HP68PWGP

The news of that defile provoked outrage, with many Bolt users recounting similar experiences while using the service.

Some angry South Africans have dragged the country’s transport minister Fikile Mbalula into the orbit of their grievance, asking him if he should keep allowing Bolt to be a medium for the raping of South African women. You can check out some reactions below.

It remains to be seen if the rogue driver will be found, and what punishment will b meted out on him. Stay tuned for updates.

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