After Failed Relationship, Actress Masasa Mbangeni Advises The Public On Relationships

It has often been said that experience is a good teacher. Well, one woman who is subscribed to that thought line is the South African actress Masasa Mbangeni, and she believes she can teach her compatriots a thing or two about relationships having been into one and seen it collapse before her eyes.

She previously dated Gwydion Beynon and they had a wonderful time until the relationship collapsed.

Rumours that the actress and her man had broken up have been flying around for a while. It wasn’t until recently that she confirmed their split, however. The actress had opened up in a tweet about her relationship, and fans had asked questions and she answered some of them.

Among the pearls of knowledge she shared was that people should not move in together while they were still dating. She insisted that cohabitation kills romance and everything else. She then appealed not to be dragged for her opinion because she “doesn’t have a father.”

At the time of writing, though, she had deleted the tweet. It is unclear why she decided to delete it, but then her fans had already seen it and the message had already been passed to her audience.

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