After Failed Relationship, Phelo Bala Covers Matching Tattoo With Moshe Ndiki – Watch

For most people, the dream is to stay married after they commit to each other, enjoying all the blessings life brings to them and hopefully live to a great old age. But not everyone actually gets to live the dream. Phelo Bala is one such example. Not only has his relationship with Moshe Ndiki collapsed, but the singer has also just covered the matching tattoo he once had with his partner.

In 2021, Phelo Bala was a bloke madly in love, and there was no better way to show his commitment than to get married to his lover then and get matching tattoos as well. But the marriage soon hit a crisis, with accusations and counter-accusations of assault. They parted ways soon after.

Phelo Bala recently took the decision to cover the tattoo that seemed to link him inexorably to the past, the clip of which was shared online and continues to generate mixed reactions online.


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