After Gigi Lamayne Drama, Inno Morolong Tears Into Actress Tebogo Thobejane

Inno Morolong continues her social sallies – this time not against Gigi Lamayne but another equally famous figure, the actress Tebogo Thobejane.

Inno had accused Tebogo Thobejane of posting an episode of City Girl with Podcast and Chill With MacG without her permission so that she (Inno) would be body-shamed.

In the controversial episode, Inno had spoken of how she had been body-shamed a while back.

In a clip that is currently trending online, Inno Morolong and Tebogo Thobejame could be seen screaming at each other. According to Inno, she and Tebogo had agreed to drop the episode last December, when Inno had healed from the body-shaming.

Inno Morolong confronts Tebogo Thobejane for posting her episode on her new podcast City Girl with Podcast and Chill with MacG. Inno Morolong says she was not paid for the podcast and demands Tebogo takes it down.

Inno Morolong says Tebogo Thobejane was not supposed to post the episode until she is healed. Inno Morolong is threatening Tebogo Thobejane to delete otherwise she is gonna talk about Tebogo’s doings.

Interestingly, Inno Morolong had body-shamed Gigi Lamayne days ago, provoking the “Job Woods” rapper to anger. Not only had Inno Morolong called Gigi Lamayne ugly, but she had also described the rapper’s career as struggling.

Gigi Lamayne had contacted her lawyers who slammed Inno with an R1 million suit. Gigi Lamayne had also demanded a retraction and a public apology from Inno, who’s a club DJ.

Along the line, Inno and Gigi had made peace. It remains to be seen if she would make peace with Tebogo Thobejane as well. We’ll be here to bring you the news.

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