After Signing Recording Deal With Warner Music, Zahara Reportedly Fires Manager Oyama Dyosiba

It has been said that one person’s blessing might be another person’s misfortune. This reality may have played out in the life of South African singer Zahara and her manager Oyama Dyosiba, whom she reportedly fired after inking a new recording deal with Warner Music South Africa.

Daily Sun, quoting a source, indicated that Zahara has changed since signing the deal with the global brand and has forgotten the sacrifices Oyama Dyosiba made for her to excel in her music. The same source also claimed that the songstress has kicked Oyama Dyosiba out of her apartment.

For his part, Oyama Dyosiba claims that he’s still working with Zahara because they’re cousins and come from the same area in Eastern Cape. Zahara, who recently released an titled “Nqaba Yam,” would not comment on claims she had fired her manager, though.

By the way, just recently, Zahara was rumored to be pregnant, but she dismissed the pregnancy rumors, stating that if she were, her stomach would give her away.

What do you think of Zahara’s new recording deal with Warner Music and how it has reportedly affected her relationship with Oyama Dyosiba? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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