Afua Asantewaa’s Historic Singing Marathon: A New Record In Sight

Ghanaian Vocalist Challenges Guinness World Record Amid Controversy

Ghanaian singer Afua Asantewaa Aduonum is on the brink of making history by attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest individual singing marathon. Her endeavor, which began at midnight on December 24, is set to surpass the current record held by Sunil Waghmare of India, who sang for 105 hours in March 2012. Asantewaa’s ambitious journey, taking place at the Akwaaba village, involves singing Ghanaian songs back-to-back for over 4 days and 9 hours.

The event has garnered significant attention, with Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia and several A-list musicians and politicians showing their support. The hashtag #AfuaAsantewaaSingathon has been trending across social media platforms in Ghana, making the 2023 Christmas season a memorable one. The public has commended Asantewaa for her remarkable effort, which aligns with recent calls by Ghanaian musicians to promote local songs during the Yuletide.

However, Asantewaa’s record attempt has not been without controversy. Nigerian singer Jazmine Sing, in a viral video, criticized Asantewaa’s attempt, predicting it would be futile. Sing claimed to be the first to apply to the Guinness World Records for permission to attempt the longest singing marathon, accusing Asantewaa of greed and jealousy. Despite these accusations, Ghanaians have rallied behind Asantewaa, urging her to ignore the negativity.

Asantewaa’s attempt to break the record is not just a personal achievement but also a significant cultural moment for Ghana. It highlights the country’s rich musical heritage and the global recognition of its talents. The Guinness World Records is yet to formally accept and certify her as the new record holder, but her effort has already made waves in the music world.

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