Again, Da L.E.S. Accused Of Rape – See The Other Accused In Gang-Rape Drama

It’s Da L.E.S again! The songster is in the news yet again over alleged rape. In recent posts on Instagram, a lady known as Carlene Brown claimed that she was gang raped by the rapper and his associates,

Based on what she wrote, the rape took place three years ago. But she kept quiet all along. Now, she believes she has found the perfect opportunity, so she is opening up about the alleged rape – by her own admission, she’s “checkmated” them.

She started her rant by calling those who gang-raped her “punk asses” and letting them know that she is coming for them. In the second post, she named one of those who assaulted her. Da L.E.S’s name popped in the post after that. You can check them out below.

At the time of writing the “Gucci Snakes” rapper had not said anything about the rape allegations. However, for some South Africans, it brings to mind once again the previous allegations (also of rape) made against the rapper in 2019.

While some tweeps noted that they believe her claims because the rapper has been accused of rape previously, some called for caution, as some women are known to destroy the reputation of men for no reason. Time will tell.

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