Again, Emtee Laments, Claims Abuse from Nicole Chinsamy, Her Mother, Brother

It appears like the travails of Emtee Records boss Emtee in his relationship with his girl Nicole Chinsamy is not over just yet. In case you missed it, the songster recently lamented his relationship with Nicole Chinsamy had become toxic and that he feared for his life.

If you missed that revelation, you might want to check out the backstory here.

There was a lull following Emtee’s initial complaints of abuse from his girl Nicole Chinsamy and her family.

Emtee popped online again to complain that Nicole Chinsamy remains toxic. He even claimed that she and her mother took turns choking him. Also, he stated that Nicole Chinsamy’s weightlifting brother had threatened. He said if anything should happen, the world should know who to hold responsible.

Following Emtee’s latest complaint, fans intervened, urging him to take a break from Nicole Chinsamy and her family.

By the way, the first time Emtee complained that Nicole Chinsamy was abusing him, she had released a public statement denying ever abusing him. She accused him of trying to tarnish her name, stating that the truth will be revealed over time.

She had not countered Emtee’s latest claims, however.

Well, what do you think about Emtee’s latest travails?

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