Again, Faith Nketsi Accused Of Being A Sex Worker

Faith Nketsi has been accused of being a sex worker – again. The reality star and video vixen have seen the sex worker tag thrown at her a couple of times previously.

And it’s happened again.

It all started after the controversial user Chris Excel noted in a tweet that girls who get paid to attend gigs because they are hot, girls who have a Gmail account on their profile for bookings but have no real talent are nothing more than sex workers.

A fan had popped on the thread, noting how Excel’s post sent him straight to Faith Nketsi’s Instagram, and she fits the description Excel had given.

Faith Nketsi is part of a girl collective that was accused of being into commercial sex previously. She had denied that back then. Right now, though, she’s yet to say anything regarding the new sex worker claim.

Last year, Faith Nketsi who had been AWOL for a while popped on the scene again stating she was back in the studio “trying to save South African hip hop.”

With the savages circling her, maybe she may have to save herself from their fangs first. The salvation of Mzansi hip hop might follow.

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