Again, Pearl Thusi’s DJing Skills Divides Mzansi

She was known as an actress and media personality, and it might be said that she stood out in both roles. But Pearl Thusi the DJ was one big surprise to many South Africans. They didn’t expect her to delve into the deejaying universe, but she did.

Since initially launching out as a DJ, the mother of two has been taking her act around the country, spinning her soul out through the decks and turntables. But it appears her best efforts have failed to impress many people.

Many feel that she is neither skilled nor talented and has been messing around on the decks and not actually deejaying. The latest video of her deejaying especially provoked a lot of people.

Unimpressed, one of her critics had even called for the industry to be regulated – you know, to keep the likes of her, the “unskilled and untalented” – away from the decks.

Well, whether Pearl Thusi would eventually listen to her critics and ditch the decks is left to time. For now, she appears to be having the time of her life on the decks and turntables and there isn’t much anyone can do at the moment. Stay tuned for what follows.

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