“Ageless Beauty” – Connie Ferguson’s Recent Picture Wows South Africans

Connie Ferguson is one lady who takes her health and fitness seriously. Not surprisingly, she looks way younger than her age and has become a centre of attention and an inspiration to many South Africans.

She was the centre of attention again recently when a fan shared a recent picture of her which showed her fully moisturised and glowing face. The fan noted that he can’t believe that Connie is in her 50s. The post has been viewed over 2 million times and liked over 6k times.

The comment section throbbed with comments from those who shared the verdict of the poster and those curious to know what she does to stay seemingly ageless while those of the same age appear to be wearing their ages on their face. You can check out the picture below.

Connie Ferguson is one of South Africa’s most-loved actresses. The accomplished filmmaker was widowed years ago when her equally celebrated husband, Shona Ferguson, died from coronavirus complications.

It was a devastating blow to her, especially given the profound bond she shared with her husband until his death. But she has continued to push ahead, exercising, glowing, and encouraging a new generation of women with an eye for service and the good life.

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