“Ageless” – Pharrell Williams Ignites Conversation Over His Boyish Looks As He Marks 50th Birthday

It is 50 hearty cheers for singer and record producer Pharrell Williams. who recently struck 5 decades on earth. At a time when life expectancy is pretty low, making it to 50 calls for celebration in no small way. But that is not what most social media users appear to be focusing on right now, however.

When the Daily Loud shared a recent picture of the songster and celebrated his birthday on Twitter, many were struck by his lavish, boyish looks, with some commenting that he looked when younger than 50.

One fan shared mashed pictures of Pharrell, hilariously beginning from 1492 to 2018, and wondered out loud if the musician will ever get old. Another joked that even when he makes it to 90 years of age, Pharell’s looks would not change. You can check out some of the comments below.

Amid all the talks about his agelessness, one man who isn’t shedding light on that is Pharrell himself. He is more focused on enjoying the moment and of course looking forward to more years on his lease

Well, congratulations are in order for the songster. And, hopefully, he gets to see more productive years while blessing the world with the gift of his voice and entrepreneurial spirit.

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