Agency Suing Nicki Minaj Reveals That She Can’t Be Found

Nicki Minaj will be sued by a paparazzi agency over the usage of their image for Instagram without permission.

A photo agency that is trying to take the American rapper to court stated that she is MIA. According to reports, Splash News and Picture Agency wants to file a case against Nicki Minaj. This was after she used a picture on her Instagram page without proper authorization of the source. Nicki Minaj was accused by the agency for making money off their copyrighted work.

Although they have been facing challenges with finding the ‘Super Bass’ hitmaker, they have proposed a new method of finding Nicki and this will be through Instagram.

Splash has requested permission from the judge to serve the legal papers through Instagram. They claimed that they first tried to serve Nicki Minaj the papers about a year ago. Now, they are striving to get in contact with the award-winning rapper by all possible means. They also stated that they haven’t been able to find any legal representation from Nicki Minaj.

Splash has previously requested that they use a different method in serving the papers to Nicki Minaj. The rapper has made it difficult for the photo agency to get in contact with her.

They have hired process servers and spent money on trying to ascertain the home address of Nicki. When they finally did so, Nicki Minaj’s bodyguards prevented them from getting close to the rapper.

Splash said in court documents that it:

believes that it will be impossible to serve defendant directly because (a) in public she is accompanied by a team of bodyguards, (b) a current resident address in Los Angeles is difficult to confirm, and (c) the resident addressed in Los Angeles that are associated with her are gated communities and therefore inaccessible.

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